More than a century of our family caring for your family.

Cedar Hills Memorial Gardens was designed to be a place of solace

The grounds and plantings honor the memory of a life that has touched your own.

We are proud to be able to offer such a beautiful, peaceful place of rest.

All rules and regulations are for the benefit of all.

Holders containing flowers or other decorations will be removed as soon as the flowers fade and wither and the right is reserved by the Cemetery to make such removal. Also, winter wreaths will be removed at such time as specified by the authorized Officers of the Cemetery.

On special occasions such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, All Saint’s Day, Veterans’ Day and Christmas, Potted plants, easels and seasonal arrangements may be placed on the Graves. Except in regard to Christmas arrangements, these seasonal arrangements will be allowed one week before and removed one week after such special day. Christmas easels and arrangements will be permitted from November 20 through January 30, and will be removed after that date.

Artificial flowers in approved permanent vases are permitted year round. Live or dried flowers and foliage in approved vases are welcomed and encouraged any time of the year. When, in the opinion of Higgins Cedar Hills Memorial Gardens, any artificial flowers, whether properly placed in approved vases or not, become faded, dirty, or in any way unsightly, these arrangements will be removed.

All vases must be set in a memorial and may not be free-standing. Only vases made of high quality granite or marble are permitted in the cemetery. Any vase not in compliance with these Rules and Regulations may be removed by the Corporation.

The placing of unauthorized landscaping or plantings, decorative gravel or stones, balloons, shepherd’s hooks, solar or votive lamps glass containers, pumpkins, toys, sculptures, and other such ornaments is prohibited.